The variety of Japanese sushi

The tastes and the kinds of the foods depend on the regions. The kind of sushi in Kanto (eastern half of Japan, including Tokyo ) and that of Kasai(south-western half of Japan, including Osaka) is also different.
Nigirizushi which means hand-formed sushi with a topping of seafood is Kantozushi. You usually image this when you hear the word “sushi”. But do you know Oshizushi which means sushi rice and other ingredients pressed in box or mould? Oshizushi is very sweet because sushi rice is used sugar. Oshizusshi was preserved food while Nigirizushi was like fast food in the past. Which do you like better Kantozushi or Kansaizushi?

握り寿司は関東寿司です。皆さんは「寿司」という言葉を耳にすると握り寿司をイメージするでしょう。しかし皆さんは 箱の中に寿司飯と具材が詰められている押し寿司を知っていますか? 押し寿司は寿司飯に砂糖が使われているのでとても甘いです。昔握り寿司はファストフードのようなものであった一方押し寿司は保存食でした。関東寿司と関西寿司、あなたはどちらが好きですか?