The effect on warming up your body

It has been cold for days. Don’t you have a cold or fever?? Although you may think that raw fish has an action to cool down the human body, fish having red flesh(maguro,iwashi,saba,katuo..)and
octopus has an effect on warming up your body. Having a red flesh sushi and octopus sushi with gari(pickled ginger) and hot green tea will make your body warmer on such a cold day!!

生魚は身体を冷やしてしまうと思うかもしれませんな、実は赤身のお魚やタコは身体を温めてくれるのです! 今日のような寒い日には、赤身のお魚とタコのお寿司と一緒にガリを食べ、温かいお茶を飲んでみて下さい。身体がポカポカになりますよ♪